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Walk On Bark
Particle Size:  1” – 3”
A fibrous material containing some granular fir bark and cambium wood. As the name implies, this economical material is ideal for pathways and other areas that experience foot traffic and provides a pleasant forest fragrance.

Medium Decorative Bark
Particle Size:  3/4” – 1 1/2”
A flat-screened Fir bark nugget material containing very little wood and graded carefully by particle size. This material is commonly used as a ground cover to provide all the mulching benefits as well as aesthetic value.

Red Humus
Particle Size:  0 – 1/4”
Species: Fir
A screened bark material commonly used as a Top Dressing and ground cover.It provides a nice rich look.

Dark Deck Humus
Particle Size: 0-1/4”
Species: Fir and pine
A rich, dark humus consisting of aged bark fines. This material is commonly used as a Soil amendment and more commonly as a top dressing.

Riverside Potting Soil
Particle Size: 0 – 1/4”
A blended material consisting of bark humus and sand., along with nutrients and a slow release fertilizer.This material is suitable for home use and direct planting in raised beds or pots.

Rice Hull Mix
Particle Size: 0 – 1/4”
A mixed product consisting of green waste, bio-organic matter, and Rice hulls.This product is works to lighten heavy soils and aid drainage.This product is a great soil amendment replenishing organic matter and nutrients back to the soil.


Top Soil

Pea Gravel

Decomposed Granite

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